Grit to Glory: Anika’s story of breaking free

by Srishti

22 Nov, 2019

We all have witnessed, heard or read about break-ups and divorces. And the phase that follows is when one strives to ‘move on’. We often associate it with missing the other person, looking back at the past, feeling empty and coping up with loneliness. And of course, a lot of tears and emotional baggage.  But

Making of a Master – Rae Chandran

by Rae Chandran

22 Jul, 2017

What are the circumstances that turn an ordinary person into a Master? Rae Chandran, who is also Thriive’s Global Ambassador, shares with us his journey from being a man angry at God to becoming a Master, a teacher, channeler and energy healer. How did your journey begin? I was an angry man, angry at God.

Making of an Angel – Kaya

by Kaya

20 Feb, 2017

What are angels? Are they some kind of mythical magical creatures that go around bestowing miracles? Another form of fairy godmothers? Are they real? Any talk of angels and these are the thoughts that most likely pop in most people’s minds. Yes, angels are real. Many who’ve been brushed by their magic know this. What


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