Are our kids living more in the virtual world than the real one?

by Swapna

15 Jul, 2020

Don’t let your child become screen zombies.

How to build a bond with your children when stuck indoors during the lockdown

by Swapna C

9 Apr, 2020

Use the lockdown constructively with your children.

Here’s how you could start wellness early for your kids: Food, Mindset, Attitude, Gratitude, Health

by Nipa Asharam

4 Dec, 2019

There is no doubt all parents try to do the best for their kids – ours did as well but we have to start seeing some of our current habits from the lens of truth. What would be different today had it been taught to us early on? How we cope with stress? How do

Tipping Tuesday: Starting wellness early

by Komal Patil

30 Jul, 2019

If you want to teach your kids about wellness start by inculcating it in your life first.