Load up on these foods for healthy gut, says expert

by Nipa Asharam

29 Nov, 2019

Leaky gut was a part of my daily life – little did I know it was not just affecting my physical health but also my emotional and mental health! In my mission to solve my leaky gut, which was causing me 18 hours migraine, I discovered it was also a reason for me to over-analyze

Kombucha: The Wonder Drink, with Caution

by Omkar Kulkarni

10 Jun, 2019

Would you ever drink from a bottle labeled bacteria juice? High chances are heck no! But, what if I tell you that there’s a drink which can heal your inner body in no time and is loaded with nutrients at the same time, would you consider it? I’m sensing an affirmation from you now! For

Do you have the guts you need to be healthy?

by Sonia Rao

30 Apr, 2019

Our gut is the core of our health. It is where digestion takes place. But it is also home to millions of microscopic organisms called bacteria. Like all binaries, there are good and bad bacteria. They are mostly balanced. But when they go out of whack, they can cause havoc in the gut. You really