Prepare your child for a new reemerging world

by Kainaz Choksey

10 Jun, 2020

It is a challenging time for children, and it the parents responsibility to make this transition easy for them.

Daily spiritual self-care habits we all can benefit from

by Nazneen Haider

2 Jun, 2020

Little things everyday can make a big impact.

A salute to the NGOs and Samaritans providing relief in the time of lockdown

by Kainaz Choksey

1 Jun, 2020

Warms hearts and warm meals can bring smiles!

Get a flat belly during this lockdown!

by Kainaz Choksey

30 May, 2020

Shed off the extra kilos on your belly with exercises and a good nutrition.

#LockdownSpecial – Stay in shape with Pilates

by Kainaz Choksey

30 May, 2020

Pilates is a great home workout option.

Birthday during the lockdown? Set goals and learn to manifest

by Kainaz Choksey

27 May, 2020

It’s your day! Use it to redirect and better your life.

What is the New World going to be like?

by Kainaz Choksey

24 May, 2020

We all have to come together to make a better world.

Is the lockdown causing stress in your relationship? Here’s how to keep things calm

by Swapna C

23 May, 2020

Being locked down with your partner 24/7 may not be rosy all the time!

Tackling depression during the lockdown

by Swapna C

22 May, 2020

Make taking care of your mental health a priority.

Manifest abundance for your business during the lockdown

by Kainaz Choksey

21 May, 2020

‘Ask- Believe- Receive’ is the mantra to attract wealth. Go get it!


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