Why self-love is important for you?

by Aishwarya Iyer

6 Aug, 2019


Are you lonely or enjoying your solitude? 

by Omkar Kulkarni

16 May, 2019

Greatness can only be achieved if you learn to separate yourself from the monotony of this world and harness all of your focus towards your goals.

Are you really into you? 6 signs you’re not loving yourself enough!

by Sonia Rao

30 Apr, 2019

Who can forget that iconic scene from Jab We Met where Kareena Kapoor as Geet announces: “Main apni favourite hoon!” (I am my most favorite person). If this is not a proclamation of self-love, then what is! But have you stopped to think whether you are your own favourite? Are you really into you? Are

Scintillatingly Single: Why it is absolutely OKAY to be solo!

by Aishwarya Iyer

14 Apr, 2019

A lot my friends look upon me as a relationship guru. This seems rather funny, given that I have been single for most part of my life. What’s even funnier, they prefer to  believe in the relationship advice given by anyone who is single! Believe it or not, being single has been one of the