Power Yoga

Different Types of Yoga

by Kainaz Choksey

4 Dec, 2020

Kunjan Paul, a Yoga expert discusses the different types of Yoga.

Learn Yoga and Meditation from the best at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences 

by Aishwarya Iyer

11 Sep, 2019

Come September-end, all roads will lead to Pyramid Valley for India’s largest ‘soul’ festival. Though there are multiple (we repeat, MULTIPLE) reasons to be a part of this high-energy wellness tribe, meditation and yoga are two of the most exciting reasons. 

Power Yoga: All you need to know about it

by Shivani Mehra

20 Aug, 2019

As we all know, Yoga and other ancient arts connecting the body to mind and soul are getting really popular all over the world.

Workout Like The Stars To Get Out Of Your Stagnant Fitness Routine:

by Geeta Hansaria

30 Apr, 2019

You have a fitness routine you follow religiously. And it’s great. The inches are reducing while your energy levels are rising. Your diet plan is showing results. You follow it with as dedication as you do your fitness plan. Okay, sometimes you do give in and binge. But that’s only occasionally. You feel you are

Powerful Pose: Power Yoga might just be your key to wellness

by Aishwarya Iyer

9 Apr, 2019

When actors like Malaika Arora or Shilpa Shetty perform Pilates or yoga and blow our minds with their super-fit bodies, we are bound to feel a little jealous and a lot more motivated. Yoga became the new-in, especially after International Yoga Day came to be followed world-wide. But there are various types of yoga, including


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