Reading is time-saving

‘Always on-job’ work culture is harming Indians, finds study

by Aishwarya Iyer

29 May, 2019

Work, Work, Work all the time? Say NO!

Don’t begin your healing practice until you’ve read these top 10 classics

by Madhulika Arya

7 May, 2019

You ought to read right to feel right!

The Vitamin called ‘Words’

by Jasmuheen

2 Dec, 2017

Thriive Global Ambassador Jasmuheen has a passion for reading and shares with us the three reasons why it’s an incredible source of mental and spiritual nourishment. Thriive Global Ambassador Jasmuheen devours books like we would devour cupcakes. She reads about five to six books a week because, she says, she has transcended physical hunger and