What queer people want the world to know

by Sandhya Raghavan

14 Feb, 2020

People from the LGBTQ community spell out how different yet same we are when it comes to love and life.

Should love be unconditional – what real people think

by Nazneen Haider

14 Feb, 2020

Do you love with your heart, or with your mind?

Sexual intimacy: Are real couples open to experimenting in bed?

by Sandhya Raghavan

7 Feb, 2020

Couples are battling a lack of passion in the bedroom. But are they open to trying different things in bed? We asked some real people.

5 types of men who lurk on Tinder

by Swapna C

4 Feb, 2020

Ask a Tinder veteran and they will agree that 90% of men on Tinder belong to one or another category on this list!

Is a toxic relationship making you age faster?

by Nazneen Haider

16 Jan, 2020

A toxic relationship literally breaks your spirit!

The definition of love is changing, and getting better!

by Komal Patil

3 Jan, 2020

Love was, is, and will always be beautiful. But the definition and meaning of love is fast-changing, and it is only getting better.

How to #AttractAbundance in love and relationships

by Nipa Asharam

16 Oct, 2019

Real love can be like the best partnership but we need unbreakable faith and these laws so that we do not compromise or settle for less!

Tipping Tuesday: Starting wellness early

by Komal Patil

30 Jul, 2019

If you want to teach your kids about wellness start by inculcating it in your life first.

Delve Deep: 3 Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

by Aishwarya Iyer

17 Jul, 2019

These are quite commonly made mistakes. Make sure you don’t make them.

Bounce Back: Rekindle with Yourself after a Breakup

by Omkar Kulkarni

29 Jun, 2019

In your lifetime, you certainly would go through plenty of things, which, to generalize are sometimes of Joy or Sorrow. Breakups are bad. But they can also be seen as an opportunity. 


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