The Benefits of Yoga

by Kainaz Choksey

7 Dec, 2020

Ayush Kumar, an expert on Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Zumba and Aerobics discusses the benefits of Yoga.

Different Types of Yoga

by Kainaz Choksey

4 Dec, 2020

Kunjan Paul, a Yoga expert discusses the different types of Yoga.

Yoga Transformed My Life

by Kainaz Choksey

4 Dec, 2020

Manoj Joshi shares his success story of coping with asthma, depression and chronic back pain, with Yoga.

Yoga, for Coping with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

by Kainaz Choksey

1 Dec, 2020

Kunjan Paul, an expert on Yoga, Pranayama and prenatal Yoga discusses how Yoga can help to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Tips to Avoid Burnout During the Lockdown

by Kainaz Choksey

26 Nov, 2020

Prachika Chopra, a Mental Health Practitioner and a Trained Career Counsellor discusses how to avoid burnout during the lockdown, by taking care of our mental health.

Identify Signs of Anxiety Attacks

by Kainaz Choksey

25 Nov, 2020

Prachika Chopra, a mental health counsellor and a career counsellor discusses the signs of anxiety attacks.

Coping with Depression During the Lockdown

by Kainaz Choksey

24 Nov, 2020

Piyali Sharma, shares her experience of overcoming borderline depression during this lockdown.

6 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health – Fight Anxiety , Depression and Stress

by Kainaz Choksey

3 Sep, 2020

How to Deal with Mental Health Issues and the Types Of Therapies.

Fight against depression – you don’t have to do it alone!

by Kainaz Choksey

26 Jun, 2020

Walk from darkness to light.

Tips for making your post-lockdown shopping stress-free

by Kainaz Choksey

14 Jun, 2020

Make your shopping experience a pleasant one.


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