tarot card reading

Tarot Card Reading and Astrology – The Similarities and Differences Explained

by Thriive

1 Jul, 2021

For decades, the terms tarot card reading and astrology have been used interchangeably, but are these two the same?

Your Complete Guide to Tarot Readings Online in 2021

by Nazneen Haider

14 Jun, 2021

Let’s face it, all of us have heard about tarot card readings at some point in our lives. And, if you’ve landed on this page, it means you’re curious to seek out more information about this mysterious tool.  But, before we begin, we want to reiterate one thing: It’s understandable to feel doubtful while learning

Design your future with Tarot Card reading

by Aditi Tambe

24 Jul, 2020

Break free of toxic patterns and create a happy life.

Your soulmate is out there – when will you find each other?

by Kainaz Choksey

20 Jul, 2020

Get guidance for finding your true love.

Tarot Truths: Is intimacy on your cards right now?

by Aishwarya Iyer

4 Sep, 2019

Marriage, love or intimacy could be your query- but Tarot has an answer for them all! 

Want to pursue your hobby? Do that using Tarot!

by Aishwarya Iyer

19 Jul, 2019

No kidding. We are pretty serious!

What is tarot reading and how effective is it?

by Aishwarya Iyer

16 Jul, 2019

Want to decode the tarot-card fever all around you? This way please!

5 Things to Know Before Going to a Tarot Expert 

by Omkar Kulkarni

20 Jun, 2019

Tarot reading is a powerful tool for divining all of life’s secrets. Try to believe in miracles, because miracles do happen.

Tarot Truths: Is Love On The Cards For You?

by Aishwarya Iyer

29 May, 2019

Be careful of who you are in a relationship with, their ENERGY clings on to you!


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