Naturopathy: 6 basic principles to be followed before treatments

by Shivani Mehra

22 Aug, 2019

Naturopathy is an approach to follow the nature in the purest form and letting the body observe what is wrong, feeling it and then letting it go. Naturopathy uses all-natural techniques to let the body heal on its own from inside including techniques like acupressure, energy healing, food habits, etc. Even before you start the

Is an Ayurvedic lifestyle relevant today? 5 reasons that say yes!

by Aishwarya Iyer

19 Apr, 2019

Ayurveda is one of the earliest branches of medicine that originated in India. Naturally, it is also one of the most revered branches of study that uses resources readily available to us in our surroundings. This ‘life-knowledge’ is a culmination of herbal medicines, lifestyle modifications, specific diets, massages, meditation and yoga. With timely treatment,  Ayurveda

Eating these 3 organic foods can keep your body safe from toxic overload syndrome

by Maadhuri R Sharma

1 Apr, 2019

People in the past had access to better quality food and environment. Do you agree? The air they breathed in was unpolluted. Water in the taps was fit for drinking without boiling it. Vegetables were nourishing instead of the chemical-laden bunch they are nowadays. Today, in many places, people can only breathe through air filters.


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