Top 5 ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly and magical

by Nazneen Haider

24 Dec, 2019

All geared up for Christmas, are we? What if we told you that you can take a few simple steps to make the festival more magical! Wondering how? Let us help you. Buy a ‘green’ tree Well, stating the obvious – we mean eco-friendly. While it might seem that an artificial one is easier to

Know everything you need to about vegan protein 

by Nipa Asharam

28 Sep, 2019

Vegan everything is on the rise! And no I’m not vegan but I have several clients who are, and therefore I have a little bit to offer on this subject. To me, dairy is not a problem if the process is right (yes this is a massive topic) and there are other issues around it

5 top benefits of being a vegan

by Komal Patil

31 Jul, 2019

A vegan diet is beneficial for our modern lifestyle that is posing new and modern health problems.

Deficient in Vitamin B12? Try these 3 vegetarian alternatives

by Aishwarya Iyer

17 Jun, 2019

A lot of us may suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency. It’s common and yes, preventable. Just load up on these foods to kick that deficiency away!

Netflix and Cleanse! Stream These 6 Uplifting Health Documentaries Now

by Omkar Kulkarni

30 May, 2019

Did you think Netflix was only to chill? Wrong. Netflix can help you Heal too- here’s how!

Cannot consume regular milk? Try these alternatives!

by Shivani Mehra

29 May, 2019

So, if you are planning to go Vegan but ice cream is love, here are a few alternatives for milk that will keep your love alive and your ambition steady.


Diet Fad of 2019: How about trying a diet that also saves the environment

by Omkar Kulkarni

22 May, 2019

As most diets take a couple of weeks before any notable results are seen, the keto diet can show results in as little as a week. And, it’s a plant-based substitute is also reportedly equally effective.


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