weight gain

Fighting stress & weight issues: How Hardik emerged a winner!

by Srishti

17 Jan, 2020

This is Hardik’s success story of fighting stress and losing weight- a result of his sheer hard work & determination.

Feeling SAD? Blame the winter season!

by Nikita Jhanglani

3 Jan, 2020

If you are feeling particularly sad, lethargic, sleepy, or constantly hungry – it could be the season!

How can acupressure help you with insomnia?

by Komal Patil

29 Jul, 2019

Press right to sleep tight!

Is white sugar truly the villain it’s made out to be?

by Geeta Hansaria

9 Apr, 2019

I was once told by a nutritionist friend that anything white like sugar, salt, white flour/ maida is bad for you! I got so worried that I started drinking my tea sugar free! But have you ever wondered if the sweet white sugar is really a villain? Sugar is something which raises so many childhood

Want to gain weight? Eat these 7 healthy foods, says Ayurveda

by Aishwarya Iyer

9 Apr, 2019

We have heard a lot of ways to shed those extra kilos. Half of the newspaper advertisements are talking about how you could get back into shape and so on and on. But there are also some people who are either underweight or too skinny. Honestly, being either too thin or too fat isn’t healthy.


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