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Tarot Card Readings are an effective way to answer one’s questions about the past, present or future and provide them with spiritual coaching or counselling related to their concerns. In most cases, Tarot Cards are used for guidance and decision making.
At Thriive, Expert Tarot Readers online help individuals steer through life’s hurdles, bringing about a new perspective to their thoughts, making them ideal tools for therapy and mental health.

In short, Tarot can help you:

  • Provide deep insights into your relationship problems and love life
  • Manage stress and answer questions about your current situation
  • Overcome any kind of fear, worries, anxiousness or depression
  • Make business and career choices
  • Solve parenting & teen issues while strengthening family relationships
A Tarot Reading online will surely brighten up your life. By connecting the four main aspects of one’s being (thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting) with the four minor arcana tarot cards (swords, cups, pentacles and wands), accurate guidance and direction can be provided to individuals about their health, career, relationships and more!
Curious about what to expect and how to prepare for your first online card reading? Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Prepare Accurate Questions: Formulate questions for which you would like answers to in advance. Make sure they focus on your core problems and leave room for a way forward.
  • Expect A Conversation: Once your questions are out in the open and a card has been picked, your reader might ask if the interpretation makes sense to you. It would be best to share a few personal details of your life to reach a mutual conclusion. Additionally, building friendly relations with your reader is crucial.
  • Find Your Perspective: Don’t be thrown off by a negative reading. Focus on the positives. You can choose to walk out inspired or frustrated. It’s all on you. Work on yourself and hone your inner reflections.
  • Visit Thriive’s website
  • Click on ‘Talk to Tarot Experts’
  • Browse through an array of professional readers
  • Select ‘Call Now’ or ‘Chat Now’, whichever you prefer
  • Sign up with your Email ID and Mobile Number (Please note: The phone number you enter will not be shared with the reader)
  • Get a professional online tarot reading done, no matter where you are!
Thriive Art & Soul, India’s leading digital wellness platform, verifies and lists top tarot card readers from across the country.
Our state-of-the-art digital system ensures the selection of only credible and trustworthy readers. At the same time, our website ensures instant tarot readings are available anytime, anywhere, through phone calls, chats, and personal meetings.
That’s not all. We have four tarot packages at budget-friendly price points:
  • A 3-minute session for Rs. 99
  • A 10-minute session for Rs. 199
  • A 20-minute session for Rs. 399
  • A 35-40 minute session starting at Rs. 999

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