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"I enrolled for 28 days program which Aashima Created and under her guidance i am completely free from Anxiety which i carried for ten years. I am very happy with her."

Aashima Lal

"I am glad for consulting Mrs.Aashima Bhatia Services for Reiki. She heard me well and understood the nature of problem and cured it through a Reiki session. I strongly recommend her"

Amit Tandon

"Aashima is one of the finest and most professional Hypnotherapist and Counselor out there. She helped me greatly to get through one of the darkest and lowest time in my life. I’ll be forever grateful. Highly recommend!"

Akshay Mahajan

"Prices are super cheap unlike most overpriced therapists, Aashima is one of her kind. She's a great reiki healer and an even better counselor to help combat life problems."

Tara Walker

"The Sessions given by Aashima healed my anxiety disorder and brought balance in my life and gave me good mental health.Highly recommended"

Amit Tandon

"I was struggling with my marriage and was feeling wrecked. My friend suggested aashima Bhatia for mental health healing. I approached her and found her to be very welcoming and heartful. Started feeling good after few sessions only. Kudos to bring my life back"

Shalini Gupta