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"Abhay is a wonderful.. new code NLP trainer, his training has helped me immensely in gaining more confidence in myself,as a Therapist and also more tools and techniques in my Kitty... to help my clients .He has indept knowledge of the subject and simplifies it to make it easy for grasping and Understanding I would give a 5.*****...star"

Sweta Pandey

"Abhay Thakkar is superb. The New Code NLP program was helpful for me both personally and professionally. I left the program with a toolbox that would be immensely valuable for anyone. Highly recommend!"

Neha Daswani

"They say good things come in small packages n abhay sirs classes are just that!. Have done signature analysis n a few of the nlp intro courses. One better than the other. The simple tips are not only easy but effective as well. Thank u sir. I look forward to all your future courses. Feel blessed to know u...as i do have an inquisitive mind set!!!"

Vanee D. Jaising