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"One of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. Thank you Advait for spreading awareness about this ancient Indian science. Being a musician, I always considered music as an entertainment but for the first time realized about the therapeutic side of sound. I recommend every person reading this to try it out at least once! It's an experiential phenomenon which completely relaxes and moves you towards the state of bliss."

Tanvi Paithankar

"I think I was amongst those luckiest people who got a chance to experience this great method of relaxation from Advait.I came to Advait with issues such as severe headache, body pain and emotional issues such as anger and anxiousness. In a single session I could feel the body pain was gone. I was able to have the next three days of hectic schedule fulfilled with absolutely no pain.With a couple of regular sessions and the Ayurvedic and emotional techniques he gave, I could get a emotional and mental balance and could find peace within. I thank Advait for his Sound Therapy and Music Therapy with those instruments. He has a very soothing and relaxing voice which does most of the job!"

Archana Danke