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"When you don't plan the most profound experiences come your way. This is exactly what happened when a friend suggested I do the Lucia Light therapy. As anxious as anyone can be while trying something new, all my inhibitions and fears dissapeared once the session began. What I thought was a 20mins session was in actuality an hour long. For words cannot describe the deep surreal,meditative therapy I was given by the lovely team of 1000 petals , by the end of the session I was cleansed of all my fears,worries,regrets and most important ;the overbearing weight of stress that I was carrying. As I'm one who doesn't reveal much on the details, I would recommend the Lucia light therapy with my eyes closed (in the literal sense!). Explore the unknown and live a little . Thank you Amitabh and Vartika..You made this trip special and one for the books!"

Tanushree Mathur

""Ive suffered from sleeping disorders for a while now & this was one of the aspects i wanted to work on by doing these therapies & i am happy to say i can very visibly notice a definite change in my sleeping patterns & will definitely be going back here to float some more & to journey within myself." "


"I've known Amitabh for a while now, this seemed really exciting when he told me about these machines last year. Last night was my debut experience, and it was beyond magical to say the least. A comprehensive email was sent out a week before to guide me through the experience I was about to undergo. Starting with the ambience that has been ever so delectably curated by Amitabh and Vartika, you see a deeper sense of meaning and love put into the entirely organic infrastructure. Upon getting there, I sat by the spacious and green patio with the company of the hosts sipping some amazing tea while another brief was given on the entire process, I was really excited, and resisted asking my friend who had just completed his, on how it was, so I can do this without an expectation. Ambitabh got me started with a Chakra analysis via a machine that scanned the fingerprints of all my fingertips and I'm usually a skeptic with these, but I have to admit how spot on the results were reflecting exactly the things going on in my life currently and was given some very easy to follow advice on how I could fix a few of these. Post this I was led on to 'Lucia (The Light Machine)'. Ambient drones of 528Hz that are believed to have healing powers played through a headphone, while all I had to do was shut my eyes and let the light machine do it's thing. I was in a blissfully aural world of sacred geometry, kaleidoscopes and other beautiful visual stimuli that had me smiling quite wide, especially when transients in that ambient sound create a sudden disturbance in the visual field, it was breathtaking to say the least. I was gently ushered after this was complete to the Sensory Deprivation Tank.. The hosts were very particular about the tank reaching the optimum temperature to the decimal, and when I entered it I understood why, when the water with it's temperature matching that of your body, provides no resistance whatsoever of the feeling that you're in water like you'd do in a cool pool. The saline tank with it's hydraulic lid looking like a giant clam, with soft blue & green lights inside, took me a minute or two to get used to, I was told I could keep the lights on or off, and lid open or closed as I preferred, I experimented with various combinations and found one that works best for me, it shut me off from all my worldly thoughts and was in a dream like state floating around. Again sense of time was just off the radar, while I thought I was barely in there for 20-25 minutes, turned out it was more than an hour. I led myself out of the tank into the shower, which again is well equipped with really nice towels, chemical free soap, ear plugs and a zen like ambience with bamboo for the shower partition, this was a beautiful experience and I feel a super sense of rejuvenation the next day as I'm writing this. I'd recommend this and would love to do this all over again! Big love to you guys, and godspeed!"

Ashwin Baburao