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Happy Father's Day


Happy Father's Day



"I and my family are connected with Amolika ma'am past 8years now. We seek out for help anytime and she is ready with her helping hand to guide you and take you out of your concerns. I want to share my recent experience with Amolika ma'am. As this pandemic has affected our lives so deeply many off them got lay-off from their current job. Many are going through economic crisis and many other issues. It affected me too, as my company said that they are not selecting me for placement after internship reason covid, many things were on stake also depended on my placement. Such situation creates negative aura around you let you into self-doubt and depression. In this there are people like Amolika ma'am who are spreading positivity and there to guide you in your current situation. I did a Tarot session with my concern questions and received satisfying answers that cleared my of my doubts. Which helped me to look on the issue with other perspective and follow inner voice, as ma'am says do not confuse universe. Universe is there to guide you and support you. Here is the result I got a job near to my place and that to in the field, I am interested in. Thank you Amolika ma'am for being connected and helping always. "


"Had my first interaction with Amolika when I was stuck up in my relationship and it was amazing ! Didn't feel like I was talking to an unknown person. She is really easy to talk to. Her aura is extremely positive and she explains everything in detail. Avoid asking list of questions, go with an open mind and have a general interaction and in the flow of conversation you will get all your answers for the questions you never asked ( but surely wanted to ask back of the mind) - This worked for me totally. "

Jyotsna Roy

"I was preparing for the medical and was very confused but after visiting Amolika My doubts were cleared and I am glad that I went to her .. Thank you Amolika for your guidance "


"I consulted Amolika for the purpose of knowing how would my salon work progress since currently I am having lots of financial struggle. She was able to read my cards well and also able to tell me that I was having difficulties without me telling her just by reading her cards. I would really like to thank her for the motivation and hope that she has given me and also like to recommend her to anyone who is finding difficulties in seeing light in these difficult times, Thanks Amolika . "

"Hi, today I called Amolika ma'am for the purpose of knowing when is my marriage due. she not only was able to give me the right time frame of 3 months but also was able to tell me the profession of the person whom I get married. Actually I did not tell her that there is a proposal from a guy who is into the business of trading and the marriage is fixed in 3 months only. she was absolutely bang on in the reading and I would really like to recommend her to anybody who has any questions regarding relationships. Thanks ma'am for clearing my doubts. "

"I have no words to thank Amolika Madam for the bang on reading on my career and relationship. It cleared my mind in so many ways more than I could ever thought. She she very clearly said that focus on the career right now and don't focus on the relationship which was a thing that was going on my mind but I could not pinpoint it. Thanks again ma'am. I will surely consult with you in future. "

"Well to start with , the thing that struck me was her honesty and passion with which she conducts her readings. I found it good. The reading was accurate and not beating around the bush or generalized talk that we often see. A disclaimer that I myself being a tarot practitioner for past many years I was impressed by her skill set. Surely would recommend her ."

Joy Dev

"I got the reading done for my daughter who is in her internship for doctorate while preparing for her exams she was under a lot of stress but after talking to Amolika she was so relaxed and I must say it's Amolikas magic that I could see my daughter without stress and she also prepared for exams without worries.thank you Amolika for your guidance on time..god bless Regards Rekha Lawani"


"Amolika is a great Teacher, an excellent consultant and the best Reader!! She gave me in depth Tarot Reading’s training by making the concepts clear.. I was much impressed with the accuracy and detail of my reading. i would certainly recommend this reader to all seeking clarity on worrying issues. Many thanks for the supportive words n positive guidance.!!"


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