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"I am fond of yoga since my teens n today when m in my thirties and started doing my yoga with Mr. Anand, the definition of yoga has completely changed for me. How yoga can actually transform a person from its physical flexibility to stability of mind and added up with amazing meditation, it's a beautiful experience. Balancing in postures, keeping eyes shut during postures has now become more easier, which due to vertigo I couldn't earlier. Would definitely recommend to try out the yoga classes with Mr Anand to experience the difference. "

Sakshi Rohra

"I was suffering with lot of stress and mental traumas. I connected to Anand on Skype as one of my colleague recommended and I asked him to give me sessions after accepting my invite he came to Hong Kong. Let me say with loud that his techniques and methods of yoga completely transformed me just in few sessions I was able to feel changes and results. Now I keep connect to him whenever I required any guidance for keeping myself happy and fit. I feel strong and confident Anand being my master, it's energetic and fun to practice yoga with him. "

Lai Ching Ching, Hong Kong, Entrepreneur

"I absolutely love my fitness activity with Anand. Its so destressing and calming specially for me being from legal fraternity wherein I deal with so much of stress all day. It helps me balance my mind . Yoga I have opted to keep myself flexibile and fit. I love Anand’s yoga class the most. He is one person who can really change your life. The positivity he has can transform not just your body but your mind too. I am battling with rheumatoid arthritis since many years and since the time I have joined his session, I feel so much better and rejuvenated. Its like a new life. Highly recommended I must say. "

Austin Larsen, Norway

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