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"“I am Yumi Turbull from Japan. I am the first student to attend and complete this course in the ancient science of Ayurveda at this Hospital from 22nd January 2007 to 21st February 2007. For me, this was a wonderful introduction to this fascinating subject. Each step of any journey into this rich and potentially overwhelming subject was guided carefully and caringly, both reassuring me not to feel afraid, as well as allowing me time to digest the information presented to me and thus avoiding confusion. A fascinating combination of academic study and firsthand experience kept me continuously entertained. I was expertly guided by professional and extremely friendly people. Especially my Teacher, Dr. Anju S. Chetia, who was so happy to share her vast knowledge of this ancient wisdom. My first hand experience entailed visiting the herbal gardens, where I could see, feel and smell the herbs used for certain medicinal, cleaning and balancing treatments. I was also invited to sit with Dr. Anju, each day, while she diagnosed and treated her patients, enabling me to experience directly how she used the medicines and how she used her knowledge and directed the patients towards improved health. My own personal experience of several treatments also enabled me to learn with great efficacy. During the course, I have experienced an ancient method of eye treatment “Tarpanam”, which has dramatically improved the comfort of my eyes, which were usually feeling itchy and dry. I also had a treatment called “Nasya” which has cleared my Sinus and improved my sense of smell, taste and hearing. I have also experienced the benefit of several other treatments. I would like to encourage my one who may be interested in the ancient science of Ayurveda to satisfy their curiosity in a fun and happy way and take up this short course of “Health Through Ayurveda”. I would also like to thank all the staff members, who have provided me this opportunity and who have guided me so generously to the completion of this immensely enjoyable course.”"

Yumi Turbull

"“The first few days in India, the experience was negative. Josep was ill but thanks to the hospital staff, he recovered quickly. The last two weeks here was have been amazing, as we have got lot of love, affection and we have been treated like children which has given us a great support. Dr. Anju Chetia since the first welcomed us very well and with the training she gave us, imparted an immense knowledge in us. Sandra I have been working in the room with the girls and it has been great experience. Lilavati is very pleasant and explains all the techniques of the massage. Lakshmi has a good strength and incredible energy. Josep As Sandra said the first few days in your country were very difficult for us as we have lot of differences in culture and food but thanks to the Chetia family and the great team of Lotus Ayurvedic Centre that we started feeling home and a part of this big family. These days I have learnt many things in Ayurveda, the practice in the treatment room with Arun and theoretical knowledge of Ayurveda with Dr. Anju but without doubt the most important thing we have learnt is the huge heart and great humanity that all of you have. I have had the good luck of learn all the Panchkarma treatments by observation and guidance from Arun and excellent professional with hands as good as a spirit. He has conveyed his knowledge and given me important values. Thanks you so much for letting us to learn and work with you and giving us the great opportunity of meeting all of you and helping us become better human beings. We are very happy to have this wonderful experience which we always carry our heart.”"

Sandra & Josep

"I am a Pharmacist. My goal is to help people giving them tool to heal themselves. I attend to one of Dr. Chetia’s conference where I discovered the science of Ayurveda, that called my attention and its all internal therapy that works in three levels mental, physical and spiritual. It’s an internal medicine to know how to keep a routine wellness through preventive medicine that includes food, treatment with yoga and meditation and philosophy of life. It has been great opportunity to come to India and dive into Ayurveda with such a professional and excellent people. Since the first day waited to be sponge to absurd all kind of information coming from my ears, my sight and obviously my hands! The centre is a source of unlimited knowledge and experts. Individually speaking my treatment from the team has been personal and very positive. Dr. Anju and her massagers had been always ready to help me in my doubts and to improve day by day. Thank you to everyone for taking in my adventure, thank you for making it possible and all the love coming from all of you! It felt as part the team! See you soon!"

Nuria Vives Roig

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