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"It was an great experience with vast knowledge of yoga and meditation.... Your explanation was to much expressive and productive that can be implemented in day- to-day life.... and of course will help in improving with acting skills... You even told us about how to increase the power of the source of our body.... Overall workshop was tremendous."

Sagar Ahuja

"Thank you Anup ji, it was really fruitful, rejoicing and helpful workshop for me. This is the best yoga and meditation workshop i ever attended. Anup ji i felt fresh and new af FCter attending it. I was immersed in every moment and had wonderful time during workshop with an authentic person like you who lives the values that you teach. "

Naveen Gautam

"Anup Kumar sir .....i felt very happy to be part of your yoga and meditation workshop for artist. I learned about new facts and new point of view about Meditation. I learned meditation helps one to reach at the root level of any topic and it is a unique experience. I feel this workshop is specifically helpful for actors and performance"

Anand Patel

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