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"Hi ! Met Archana when I was going through a lot of turmoil in my personal sessions with her changed my entire perspective on the situation.It helped me forgive ,let go and I feel so much at peace now.I also realised it gave me more strength to face the situation,and deal with it. Her warmth n patience made me comfortable right from the first session!thank you Archana..I am glad we met!"


"I had a very fulfilling experience with Archana Singh. She helped me deal with my emotional disturbances and provided effective solutions that help me live a better life. As a therapist, she's much skilled at her work and very approachable. "

Suryalaxmi R

"I would like to thank Archana for helping me out during my difficult time .She guided me and listened to all my problems.She thought me how powerful our mind is and she gave me daily affirmations to help me cope .After having a few sessions with her ,I saw my energies shift .I would like to sincerely thank her"