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"She is very creative and active person. This cheerful personality has touched my life for good. My 1st ever self help activity was a workshop in early 2017, Believe in yourself. Ashwini unfolded the belief system and successfully shook it without much confusion. It was wonderful workshop! Though I haven’t yet met Ashwini in person I did few whatsapp workshops with her. Vision board and midas money workshops were also very helpful. This smiling beauty comes up very interesting ideas like 5am club, no sugar challenge etc. Lots of love and gratitude Ashwini. Hope we meet in 2018."


"She has a knack of converting the most skeptical, pessimistic persons into believers… With her simple, easy to implement techniques and her beautiful, positive smiling face she makes me look fwd to incorporating her advice in my daily life! Would recommend her to any and all people especially those in corporates. Keep smiling ash! Lots of love!"


"I learnt Violet Flame healing from Ashwini today… She is an amazing teacher, teaches so heartily. Presence of Archangel Raziel, Unicorn energies, Violet flame n St-Germain was so prominently felt. Thank u Ash for this Divine experience."

Rinku Patel

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