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"I was at my wits end , not knowing why i was having these panic attacks , and how to deal with them. Only thing I was very sure of was that I dint want more medications. I walk daily across the park where Dr.Ashwinis clinic is located and was always intrigued by what she had to offer - the stress therapy and all , apart from her dental practice , and one day when I had a really bad panic attack which took me 5 6 hours to overcome , walked over to meet her. I think its one of the best decisions I took. Not only did she help me in overcoming my fear of panic attacks , but has opened me up to the power of the mind , and the effects of breathing exercises / medication. Sometimes , things are beyond our control and in such cases , help should be taken. There should not be any feeling of being ashamed or anything like that , and that is what I did. The best thing I liked about her was what she told me during the introduction. NO ONE CAN HYPNOTISE YOU. , it basically meant that she would guide me , I would need to overcome all my fears myself - that overcoming bit , nobody could help me. .... I will be forever grateful to her for the guidance and help she gave me in overcoming my fears. I overpowered that guy in the black hoodie who represented my fears - and now I have made peace with him. He is always around , but he doesn't bother or scare me now... A piece of advice for people who are in the same mental state as I was - 1. Medicine is not necessary the solution to everything ( my mom is a doctor - she wl kill me for saying this , but even she agrees on this ). 2. When things are beyond your control ( they are , quiet a few times ) , ASK FOR HELP !!! DO NOT HESITATE OR FEEL ASHAMED TO ASK FOR HELP. 3. Our mind is an amazing piece of equipment , and nobody quiet knows what it is capable of - I have experienced a small bit of it.... 4. Do not give up on yourself...if you put your mind to it , therw is nothing that can stop you ! "

Shridhar Mokhasi.