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"This was a great opportunity to have a reading with ayushi, I didn’t give any details about my life other than what she requires for the reading, I.e name date of birth and time. I listened to what she had to say and she explained things clearly so I understood. She is very calm took her time with reading through all aspects of my reading. Everything she said that has happened in my life was so accurate . She spent good time with my reading explaining everything clearly. She’s also a lovely lady and I highly recommend having a reading from her!"


"I highly recommend Ms. Ayushi Bansal. I am a scientist based in Germany. Honestly, I was a bit reluctant to get a reading for myself. As, I don’t believe in tarot and had a impression that it’s Irrational, Superstitious.But my colleague strongly recommended her after seeing me stressed for past few months, therefore I decided to give it a try. To my surprise,I realised that I was completely wrong about Tarot card reading after my appointment with Ms. Ayushi Bansal. She was very empathetic and gave me practical suggestions. She was able to tell me the root cause of my problems in a way I can understand. Her reading was completely resonating with me. It was like she was putting my feelings in words and articulating in such a way that my problems suddenly stopped being tangling rather I could see a way out of it. It was like a therapy to talk to her. It was like talking to soul sister. Furthermore, It was very convenient to arrange appointment with her although I live in Germany and she is in India. She was very warming, accommodating and lively. I wish her all the success for her future. I would highly recommend her. She is really the best. I look forward to my next reading session with her. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions."


" found very helpful and would recommend her strongly. she is a good listener and her advice are practical and she is a great healer as i felt lots of calm after going for her reading. thanks ayushi !! God bless !!!"


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