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{MOVE MORE SIT LESS} Sitting is now identified as an independent risk factor to lifestyle diseases, much like smoking. It means that even if you are eating right, working out, sleeping on time, not stressed, etc., but sit too much, you are still at a risk of lifestyle diseases and even early death. HOW? Here are some easy ways to move more, sit less- - For every 30 mins of sitting, stand atleast for 3 mins - When you stand, stand with your weight well distributed on your two feet - Take the stairs at work or home, everyday. At least climb 4 floors up everyday - Park your car as far as possible, keep atleast 500 steps between your car and your destination. Paris btw is banning cars from the city by 2030 - Once every week, walk around your neighbourhood or walk your child to school/ park/ friend’s house/ restaurant, etc. Walking is good not just as an activity, but also at building strong community bonds and for the environment - Once every week, do atleast one task that is currently being done by house help or gadget - wash your own clothes, do dishes for the entire household, sweep and swab your house - If you are a man, cook a meal and/or clean up after the family has eaten at least once a week. You can make just dal rice or khichdi but building a nurturing environment is crucial for good health too. - 100 easy steps after dinner You may not realise the importance of movement and activity but it keeps the brain plasticity, especially in older adults, helps prevent back pain, diabetes, heart disease and even depression. Move now, leave sitting for the lesser and later. And remember, activity is different from exercise, and is not a substitute.

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