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"I thank Bindiya for being the supportive counsellor, amazing friend and the perfect advisor that she is. She made me start believing in tarot and all the important decisions that I make are incomplete without her consultation! Her guidance with Astro Vastu techniques and easy to do solutions have helped me and so many other people to find direction and momentum in their lives."

"U really deserve to be the best Bindiya As you have predicted so well Keep going U hav helpd n guided me at point of tym where m totally lost n really needed sum1 who can take me wher i deserve to b This was impossible wid out u Thnk u for keeping so pataince wid me Surely need one more appointment so i can eat up ur more brain U r such a lovely soul Love u for wht u r May allah give u more succeess in wht u r doin Good job keep it up"

"It was our 1st tarot reading and an amazing experience.....cdnt believe you could predict so much Bindiya and with such perfection."

""She is excellent. The conversation went great and we instantly connected she makes a person feel comfortable. Very kind and approachable. Thank you for your guidance 🙏 "          "


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