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"Charmi is amazing and positive person and your vastu reading helped me and my family alot. after your vastu reading my life’s approach has become very positive and I really appreciate efforts you put and thanks for everything !! thanks a lot for guidance"


"I have interacted with Charmie on multiple occasions - some private conversations and some through her #Gopositive page. I started following her page few years back and used to read her motivational messages on positivity, law of attraction, self realisation etc. I was going through a tough phase in my personal life and would look forward to her posts to keep me going. She gave me strength and also a positive outlook towards every event in my life.\n\nShe somewhere built that trust in me through her outlook and I decided to seek personal help through a personal tarot reading. I had questions on my husbands career as he was pursuing a job opportunity but nothing was working out. She was the only one reader who gave a positive reading and guidance that this will take time and there could be difference in salary expectations and thus it is not working out. Basis her advise, my husband spoke to them and clarified about the expectations and he got the job.\n\nThe second reading was for my career - I was not happy with my job and she directed me to stick around as she can see a promotion. I challenged her saying that there is no budget and its not possible. She said she is very sure and I should wait before I quit. In the next month, one senior person quit and my company gave me additional role with a promotion. She was proved right and I am so thankful that I stuck around.\n\nI totally believe in her ways and predictions - she has the instinct and the talent. She keeps upgrading herself and invests a lot of time in self development which helps her better do her karma!\n\nShe is not the one to run behind money and donates most of the earnings she gets through her work. Super proud of you Charmie!!\n\nGo girl...may u have a huge fan following."


"I am deeply thankful to charmie . She is the best numerologist and her predictions are accurate also I got very positive result. She is such a special,unique and amazing person, she always find time to listen to us and we find strength and comfort in her words. "

Ritu Morabia

"I made a payment to speak to expert but no where I was able to speak to person over the phone and simply I made a payment this is very tedious process and waste of money"


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