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"Christopher has helped me immensely to grow as a person. For much of the change I see in me, I am thankful to him"

Priyanka Singh

"Your advice was very helpful thank you"

Gowrinag G S

"I was happy with his reading , it gave a positive vibes ,yes will def call him once what he has said happens , but withbhis reading u would be really satified , would recommend to others as well"


"It was a soulful session "


"Accurate, To the point, fast reading, polite and value for money"

Christopher Stephen Verma

"Accurate, To the point, fast reading, polite and value for money"

Christopher Stephen Verma

"Didn't find worth "


"Had a really bad experience. He targeted my love life and my question. He strongly offended me. Thn rather answering my questions he started giving counselling to me. They need to understand that we have limited time, please focus on answering our questions no unwanted free counselling please. Yes he was rude as well."

Kamaljeet Kaur

"Christopher was very approachable, very helpful. His readings are very accurate. Got positive vibes from him. Will surely recommend him to others. "

"It was very accurate and to the point taro session. Feeling very relaxed after talking to him. Thank you so much Christopher.. will keep in touch. "


"I have contacted Christopher for career and he have been kind to understand my problem and come with making understand to curve better in career and boosting my lost self and also an quick idea on relationship A thank you note to him . "

"Christopher is accurate in his readings, leaving you with no room for doubt. "

"Christopher is polite and gentle in his approach. He handled the issue with delicacy and was spot on with his questions and solutions"

"He is one of the best if not the best Ive ever consulted. Accurate, does not hurry the reading and ensures value for money. Hoghly recommended "

Christopher Stephen Verma

"Took a reading from Christopher back in Feb and everything he said has happened exactly as he said it would. Made me believe more in the power of tarot. Genuine to the core"

"Very rude and egoistic. Doesn't know how to talk to clients. "

"Excellent Reading"

"Fast, accurate and very polite"

"By far the best tarot reading Ive had. So approachable, good listener and fast response"

"Im spellbound by his accuracy. BRILLIANT therapist"

"Jitna bolu kum hai. Inka reading bilkul perfect tha aur baat bhi itna politely karte hai"


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