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"Starting my corporate career as a corporate lawyer in a prestigious organisation for graveyard hours that end in the wee hours of a day, I realised early in my career that inspite of me loving my job I have to take care of my health as well. Due to time constraint, I thought what would be the best which could look after my health and at the same time looked after my body inside out and here I got the answer Yoga. I always had an inclination towards Yoga right when Baba Ramdev was considered to be the founder of patanjali yoga (2002). Yoga took me to the path of serenity, divine, and peace and I realized Yoga was my passion. When corporate stress was beginning to get onto me, practicing yoga seemed like a smoother, and that instigated me to do what I am today and now to promote it to corporate level to benefit everyone. To gain in-depth knowledge I did one year Yoga teacher training course and thereafter did one year of Naturopathy and Therapy course. I have done power yoga course along with kids yoga course I also got an opportunity to attend number of seminars to enlighten myself on the concept of Yoga Nidra ( being awake while the body being in a state of complete rest) and on Pranayamas (controlling your breathing pattern) which is utmost important in this fast moving world to pause for a while and look into ourselves. Additionally, I also did aerobics and step aerobics certification, I'm also a certified Pilates instructor and a licensed Zumba instructor. Currently, I’m personally training client needs as per varied requirement; such as stress buster, meditation, weight loss, anti-natal to name a few. Also, training children under the age of 7 at an international school. Few fitness studios have also been my work pad for regular sessions for a larger spread of crowd."


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