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"I was able to experience a powerful one on one session with Devika, which I found to be very informative as well as inspiring. She was able to powerfully provide information to me in a way that allowed me to see things from a different perspective, and come into new understandings about life and love. She has the ability to deeply look into the heart of a situation to provide clarity & guidance, in a way that is full of compassion and love. I strongly recommend an experience with “Devika Arora” for me she’s the best in business ."

Aditya Pratap Singh

"Devika ma'am is just amazing, She explains everything very well. Her all predictions were correct. Whatever she said, that happened. I have taken sessions of many tarot readers, but I didn't find them much efficient. But ma'am is really good at tarot reading. "

Shivank Thakur

"I’m not usually someone who would get a tarot reading, but I am so glad I did. Devika was professional and a lot of fun. Great experience. I am here writing this testimonial because I've still got GOOSEBUMPS! Never going to anyone else because shes the kind of reader who becomes like family. Kindness oozes from her, and her voice is just beautiful and soothing. Thank you Devika, for being such a stellar tarot reader and beautiful soul. "

"There are many different tarot readers out there and I have been to a few (actually many) throughout the years but I tend to only come back to Devika. Not only is she accurate, but a very helpful but also a very sympathetic person. She emphasizes what is really important to think about. She listens to you and makes you feel comfortable, so intuitions are high and you will receive great insight. If you are considering a tarot reading I recommend Devika from my heart."


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