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"Dilpreet & I got connected quite mysteriously. I was so pleasantly surprised at universe for the way our souls got reunited here on the planet Earth. She is not only an amazing human being, but also a marvelous mentor or should I be saying Facilitator as she likes/prefers to be called that! My journey with her began in November 2015 & the experience which she created for me was absolutely profound. The knowledge which she shared & imparted in the Basic level made me more inquisitive for knowing more & all. I was ready to delve deeper into the world of Angels & as I believe that when the student is ready; the teacher appears. So yet again Dil was ready with the Pandora box. The workshop left me mesmerized & enticed totally. She gave us ample of time for sharing & opening up. The techniques she made us practice were impactful & gave us mind-boggling results instantly. The pace at which the two days of the workshop rolled was super smooth. With that workshop she made the dream come true for me. And that was just not all. I told her, I wish for more & I am more than sure that the Universe is already conspiring somewhere to make that happen for us in our highest & best of interest. Enthralling is the word! In eternal gratitude to the Universe & to Dilpreet for turning my dream into reality."

Savina Shah

"I’ve had reading sessions from Dilpreet Didi. Her readings are really accurate and I was taken aback by her answers to my questions, especially because I dint even give her any background of my questions. Talking to her itself is such a calm and peaceful experience. She can be a real angel with her guiding light. I am very thankful to her for giving me hope when I was ready to give up."

Ankita Arora

"Very, very accurate. Spot on with readings. An awesome teacher and looking towards learning more from this lady. I even went for wiccan rituals from her... and till date the problem did not re-occur... one of the most amazing things that I find about Dilpreet di is that she is very inspiring. She has got something in her which sort of soothes you, calms your energy when you you're anxious. I love her and love her services and I highly recommend"

Saioni Dasgupta

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