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""Over the past year, Disti Premal Sanghvi has conducted nearly 50 Angel Card Readings for me - providing me with divine and angelic guidance. Disti is incredibly intuitive and a sound judge of character. She is full of energy and radiates positivity in all she does. She is becoming a more experienced healer with each passing day, as demonstrated by her recent completion of the Angel Card Mastery Certification course by renowned spiritual teacher Kyle Gray. I can vouch that her readings are extremely useful for anyone in need of deeper spiritual healing and guidance. I wish Disti all the best for her next step in this wonderful journey that she has chosen to undertake. I am certain she will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to.""

Devam Gandhi

"Disti Sanghvi and absolutely recommend her as a healer with therapeutic powers to transform lives. My experience with Disti, while my dog, Zeus was undergoing a stressful period, was outstanding. To give you a back-story, Zeus, who is 10 years old, had started urinating all over our house and in elevators and public spaces in the building we had newly moved into in October 2021. For him, this was a totally anomalous behavior as he has always been well-trained to the extent that he was used to doing his business only outside of the building on the road. I was at my wits' end as Zeus was also ailing with bladder stones, but repeated investigations showed that he was getting better by the day. It was a very traumatizing time and I just did not know what to do. When I heard of Disti and consulted her, she communicated with Zeus and related his point of view to me. She said that he was upset that he had not been involved in the moving of homes and was thus extremely disoriented by this. It was amazing that she said this because it was absolutely true that I had sent Zeus away for a few days while the actual move happened. Subsequently, Disti suggested remedies to me like having conversations with Zeus explaining our situation and also calming him down, and making him secure by communicating my love for him. She also had a second session with him to communicate my story and alleviate his angst. Miraculously within 2 days, a dog who had lost bladder control from October to December was cured and has been fine ever since then. I think this is endorsement enough that Disti has the compassion as well as the art of being an exemplary healer and therapist. If you need any further clarifications feel free to contact me. "

Sargam Thakkar

"Disti Premal Sanghvi has been a friend, mentor and guide in my spiritual journey. Her readings were extremely accurate and a huge eye-opener. She is extremely warm and makes you feel at ease during any interaction with her. She is incredibly intuitive and radiates positivity throughout. I felt immense peace after my session with her. You can tell she has a divine gift. "

Angela Oommen

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