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"1. My brother in law ( sister's husband) once had to pass through the worst condition in which one can not survive as he was attacked by some black magic kind of thing in which one dies in a peculiar time frame that opponent does it further he could not be able to recognise things and persons too .. then I contact Mr. Divyakant Parekh and believe me I did not require to tell entire thing but he himself told me the truth and started working on this. This thing duration was for 550 days to kill the person and Mr. Parekh had done in couple of days now my brother in law is quite healthy and is doing well. 2. There were so many small small issues I had like back ache, or body pain and other financial or social problems but I got the best result by consulting Mr. Divyakant Parekh."

Pradyot K Mankodi

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