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Isaac Abeiku Otoo

"I got 100% benefit due to treatment of aarogyam chikitsalaya. here beauty of treatment is doctors behave like family members, they 1st study critical cases, discuss in their group & come with 100% beneficial treatment plan. I am very thankful to team aarogyam which gives me rebirth from worst situation. I was down by disease since 2years. before this treatment, allopath not giving me satisfactory result which yields into immobility of my body in some time coz of steroids. fortunately from reference i came across aarogyam & got result. 5*s from my end. its truly "the authentic ayurvedic treatment center."

"Authentic prescriptions. Vaibhav is one of the finest and most dedicated Ayurveda practitioner in Nashik!"

Sourabh Jain