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"Wound on arm with swelling and itching due to insect bite.Dr Chetan K Sabnis guided me with the colours I needed to apply .In matter of just three days, the swelling and itching disappeared and the wound healed .I am greatly indebted to Dr Sabnis for his timely advice.I went through the recovery process sitting at home and with no side effects.On an earlier similar instance, I suffered a lot inspite of allopathic treatment."

Anita Sabnis

"The latest benefit l have appreciated very much are from Dr Chetan Sabnis magnetic therapy for my diabetics. l have been on allopathic treatment for many yrs more than 20 yrs and have been on fairly good control Lately however it seemed that my sugar levels and BP were getting off control inspite of changing drugs. This was when Dr Chetan Sabnis came to my rescue with his magnetic and colour therapy. I seem to experience a miracle now. With his small Magnets I am now applying on my left palm my sugar levels are absolutely normal and go even lower but never high. My BP is normal Ofcourse I am continuing with my allopathic medicines also which are oral I refused to switch on to insulin injections which was strongly adviced by an allopathic doctor as the ony solution. I strongly now feel that alternate therapies should be strongly encouraged. An integrated medical approach is the need in future medical practise. As a practioner of Preventive and social Medicinein various Medical colleges of Bombay for almost thirty yrs ( Community Medicne) people practising alternate therapies with due Qualification and experience must be included in research for a better health care in India. Dr Parimala Subramanian Ex Prof and HOD GS Medical College and a KEM Hospital"

Dr Parimal Subramanian

"*Old Wound healed using Colour Theraphy* I had a wound on my little toe of my right foot. The wound did not heal for 3 months until Dr. Chetan Sabnis gave me a remedy in the form of colour therapy. The wound healed completely in 15 days."

Mrs Jayshri lathiwala

"For the last 10 years, I have always been suffering from dry cough especially in the night i could not get good sleep (Repeatedly cough whole night). Consulted multiple doctors and tried different types of medicines. But none of them had any impact. Then, I consulted Dr Chetan Sabnis. Within a week of taking his advice and medicines I started feeling better. Now it's been an year and it's completely stopped. Thanks slot Dr Chetan."


"BioWell Cure - Machine Application. Very nice experience. I was checked on the BioWell Machine, that measures subtle energies, aura, and suggests areas of distortion and parts of body, to be dis-eased, and I was surprised to find that this test showed me exact areas of tooth ache, inflammation of gums, in addition to measuring my magnetic aura and the disturbances in them, helped me to come out of my ailments with help of colour therapy over a period of two weeks. Interesting technology and accurate diagnosis helped me to come out of pain even before it appeared, commenced, for everyone knows how badly the aches affect. Lots of Gratitude, Dr Chetan Sabnis, for all the services offered, periodic guidance and your patient time. The high standards of discipline is highly appreciated. Regards."

Dattatreya Shenoy

"Colour therapy by Dr chetan sabniss working well and very fast. Thanks Dr for your support."


"I took color therapy as advised by DrChetan Sabniss and I had zero pain in my upper arm. Thank u doctor๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’"

"I was suffering from pain in upper arm radiating all d way to my ring finger and my friend recommended Dr Chetan Sabniss.. I then took color therapy as advised by DrChetan Sabniss and next morning I had zero pain in my upper arm! Thank u doctor๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’"

"I used to develop pain in my right shoulders while sleeping on my right side..it happened since long The pain would radiate all d way to my ring finger I'm glad that a close friend of mine recommended him to me..I took his color treatment and next day the pain was 0 on a scale of 10.. Would highly recommend him God bless him! Pallavi Arun "

"Post COVID vaccination I was facing the problem of joint pain especially hands and shoulders. Doing exercise also was difficult for me. I have observed that when any body gets more work to do for example when I had to take online class with my earphones and continuously talking had resulted in pain and swelling on right side of face next day because of which I had difficulty in talking. I was confused for a moment thinking about cause of this issue. Then I realized my previous day class had caused more work to jaw joint which has resulted in this problem. I had already consulted Dr.Sabnis for the joint pain problem and he had advised me the colour therapy when initially it started with and I got relief. This time also when the pain started post online class I followed same advice of color therapy in combination with application of pain balm. I realized how the pain was subsidizing and vanishing of swelling. The next day I got complete relief. "

"Receiving the colour therapy from Dr. Chetan Sabniss' s Colout Therapy is the best thing that has helped me in healing myself. The results are visible within a very very short span of time, and of course long lasting too. Dr. Sabniss guides in a very efficient, clear and time-bound manner, which helps relieve symptoms, actually brings down the problem from 10 to ZERO(0 on a scale of 1-10). Lasting gratitude to Dr. Sabniss... "


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