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Dr Karuna Kapil


"Interacting with Karuna has been a lightening process for me. She helped me shed unwanted emotional burdens and move forward in my life . I was able to make crucial decisions and take necessary actions at the right time. One very useful thing she told me was to call out to all the sources in the universe to aid me in acheiving my goal. It has worked each and every time for me. Thank you Karuna . Wish you all the best in your journey of life."

Lata Narayan

"Karruna! so glad i finally made it to your page! i didn't realize you do so many modalities, wow!. i experienced two Bars sessions with you and one MTVSS session and they were so fantastic. The first Bars session was fantastic and it was wonderful to sense so much energy flowing through my head at your slightest touch. Thank You for that experience. There was a lot of release that happened after that session, including fever and cold and the works and the wonder is that the second Bars session set all of that rest. Have been feeling very much more lighter in body and mind ever since. The third session with you really worked like magic. i have been having amythest water and now shungite water as you suggested and my acidity has really reduced. I am way more calmer and present since these sessions. One thing that i really noticed since this work is that my communications have improved a lot. Not only am i more positive in my communications with others, i am also being more affirming of myself. Thank You very much Karruna. Blessed to have you in my life!"

Ushajee Peri

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