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"Dr Kushal has been a genuine therapist keen on promoting health and wellness to the larger audience. I met him as a student of hypnotherapy and since then I have seen him as a positive and loving soul. During the last year, we had met for theraputic relationship, and kushal helped me heal my relationship pattern to attract more supportive and loving relationships in my life. The basis of kushal's work is to help people understand their issues and take control of them for better. He encourages the 'control' and 'power' of creation and guides the client throughout his journey. What I liked about him, is that he adds a personal tinge to all his professional relations, an aspect we rarely see in professional therapist. I am really thankful tk you kushal for making me understand where my core issue lied and how I could turn it to have a great future. "

Swarali Hajarni

"Dr kushal has a charismatic personality. He is a skilled hypnotherapist and a psychologist who applies the tools with command. His techniques have helped me throughout my journey of creating and maintaining a well being. "


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