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" I highly recommend of her. She is my ex-colleague's mother, I spoke to her one day and sent her my signatures and on the basis of that she told me so many things abt my family and even the house I live in. I immediately followed her instructions and I see effects in my mental and physical health. She is so talented and jolly.She is highly efficient and knowledgeable and has the potential of helping people on a personal level . I am grateful I know her and her consultation helped me in so many aspects of life. "

Rajvinder Kaur

"Few years back Dr. Neena did my prediction through tarrot card reading which was very accurate. Also by numerology, she predicted about my career which became true."


"She is very good in detailed accurately readings with numerology.. "

Kanika jain

"Very accurate..bohot achi h ma'am .ache se explain karti h n saath me remedies bhi deti h..ek number h inke readings.. highly recommended.."

Priyanka Srivastava

"Thank you so much ma'am. I feel so happy after talking to you. Your predictions are so relevant and helpful. Angel reading message was perfect. Thank you so much"

"Very poor reading and didn’t even answer my questions and asked me to book a session again. She is just money minded nothing else. I’ll recommend all of you guys to go with other readers rather than her. "


"They're really nice and told me exactly what I'm going through. Her words meant a lot to me when I'm feeling low. "

"Dr Neena is a very sweet and friendly persoon. She gives readings and helped in numerology as well. When you speak to her, doesn’t even feel like she is someone you met just online- it feels as if you knew her since years. Her readings are accurate and very detailed in addition to her kindness. Must recommended. "


"She doesn’t let you talk she is highly confused doesn’t have any answers just keeps on blabbering something "


"Dr Neena is very sweet and friendly. She gives effective remedies for all problems. Her readings are very accurate and on point. I would highly recommend her! "


"Highly unprofessional. She wasted my 6 mins in just saying that I am shuffling the cards . I kept waiting she kept asking again n again about what's my question afterwards she replied to my ques I just one word later when 4 mind were still left I asked another question she said book my call session then only I will tell you I kept asking but she kept on wasting my time by saying that book another session with me . I am highly disappointed looting people she's an unprofessional . "

Ashlee khanna

"I was not able to hear her, she didn’t even call me back, wasted my money! "


"Highly recommend Neena ma’am . Very accurate reading and very positive and polite lady. Very accurate about her prediction and highly motivating . "

"Highly recommend Neena ma’am . Very accurate reading and very positive and polite lady. Very accurate about her prediction and highly motivating . "

"She is very impatient and rude in replying and dosent answers to the questions"


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