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"My endeavour of self healing with Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi began in January 2009. Although I experienced profound transformation after each workshop, I felt a kind of void inside and I realized that my inner joy was still missing. The radiance of my heart and soul was still hidden behind clouds of sadness. Rebirthing-breathwork with Dr.Newton provided the last and vital link to my complete healing. I went to the workshop without any expectations and aspirations. But I went with a will to let go and heal whatever my subconscious mind was ready to shed this time. One whole year of intense and conscious inner work through Dr. Newton's guidance and teachings had prepared me for the final healing of my deeply embedded emotions. For the first two days of the workshop I just soaked in the group energy. I was being prepared inwardly to finally let go of the biggest chunk of my unhealed womb, birth and infancy trauma. With this groundwork in place, the spontaneous trigger of emotions in my wet breathing session was like a tornado churning me inside. The healing of my birth trauma and emotions through rebirthing breathwork was so profound that as soon as I emerged out of my wet session, I felt different. I felt my body enveloped in a very strong energy field for the next few days. This energy pull was so strong that every cell of my body was oscillating. At the end of the six days as I looked within once again, I felt light, new and different. I could see and feel my inner being smile. It felt as if I had shed tons of weight that was hitherto weighing down on my heart. It was on this day that I felt in my heart, that the journey of self transformation and healing that I had embarked on a year ago was fruitful and rewarding. Today, for the first time in my life, I have been able to truly embrace my physical and inner self. At last, I find that the petals of my soul are opening and I now experience and enjoy the sheer beauty, sweet fragrance and energy of my Being and of my life as it is today. My deepest gratitude to Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi and my Silent Master Sridevi for their unconditional love, guidance, support and care, which took me through this journey. I thank you all for bringing me to a point in life today, where I can begin to experience life fully and embrace and accept myself as a Divine Being. The energy of the Masters and the group worked in tandem together to help all of us heal. It was such a joy to see so many radiant smiles on the faces each one of the group members on the last day. It was a celebration of releasing and healing through the magic of breath. It took my breath away!"

Priya Gupta

"I was suffering with shooting pain in my last three vertebrae since 2007. There was swelling in that part too. The three different doctors that I consulted told me that - there is no cure for this problem. Till then I was a regular yoga practitioner and used to walk 4 to 5 km per day. I HAD TO STOP THAT. Most of the time at home and at work, I had to sit on cushion-rings. I COULD NOT SIT FOR MORE THEN 15 MINUTES AND COULD NOT SIT ON HARD SURFACE. The pain was terrible while getting up. IT TOOK ONE WHOLE MINUTE TO GET UP FROM WHERE EVER I WAS SITTING. But after two past life regression sessions, from my co-participants, during the PLR training program in December 2011 - I WAS INSTANTLY CURED. I have started Yoga classes at my place since 1st Jan 2012 and I am teaching it! I can also sit on hard surfaces for five to six hours at a stretch, and can get up without any pain! Another achievement after the PLR training program was that I regained my ability to meditate for long hours. I used to be in a very high stage of meditation at the age of twelve or thirteen. But some family circumstances made me vow not to meditate. Around 5 years ago, I tried to start again, but in vain. I asked many people and teachers but nothing worked. I WAS GETTING DESPERATE. But after one session with my co-participant in the PLR training, that vow is reverted. Now I am able to sit in meditation for long durations and feel the improvement in the quality of meditation. I do not have any words to thank Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi. My life has changed. My routine has changed and so have my health and my confidence. Thanks a lot. I had wonderful time and amazing experiences during the stay in HYDERABAD."

Mita Shah


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