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"She's a very good doctor. A doctor with good nature and personalized treatment"

sukriti ladia

"She is very caring and nice.It is nice to be treated well at the time of need of help.She looks at patients with a lot of patience and I highly recommend this doctor."

Kritika Sinha

"Being a good and professional Doctor,Dr. Nidhi Chaudhary is polite and cares for her patient.One of the best doctors I have come across.I highly recommended her"

Shrutika Sinha

"One of the best doctors I have ever come across. Looks at patient with a lot of patience and I highly recommended her"

Shrutika Sinha

"I am thankful to Dr.Nidhi Chaudhary for consulting me. She gave me psychological sessions which helped me alot. Thank you very much Dr.Nidhi Chaudhary."

Abhijeet Singh

"The way she diagnosis is really commentable. Will surely recommend her."


"She’s a great doctor n a great person by heart. Patients should visit her once. I personally recommend her. "


"She is very nice doctor her persona is extremely calming she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during consultation "

Garima shukla

"excellent doctor, excellent services"

Kalpana Srivastava

"Excellent doctor, excellent services"

kalpana srivastava

"She treated me so well and she is so helpful and understanding and calm to listen every details "


"I have taken a lot of treatment but my suffering was not heal.. So I approach her for my suffering .She listen all my problem very calmly and make me feel very confortable and relaxed. She heal my suffering....She is very good doctor as well as good human being. She never feel me that I am her patient or she is my doctor... Almost after 4-6mnths my renal pblm get cure without any sideeffects...So I personally recommend her .She have very polite and caring nature ..."

Pawan Chaudhary