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"I had attended Dr. Preeti Chawla's workshop on mindfulness.Her training skills are excellent.She explains concepts in a calm and soothing way.i was introduced to the concept of mindfulness so very well that I started applying it mindfully in various areas of life and it worked.My span of focus increased and now I am guiding my daughter who is in the 12th standard to use this principle of mindfulness to be more organised in her studies and life. Thanks Preeti....All the best for all your future plans -"

Vaishali Kushe

"Thank u Dr. Preeti for great workshop on Law Of Attraction really useful session glad I attended. It focuses on positive thinking ...i found this shift in thinking very beneficial and that it enables desired changes. Meeting like minded people & sharing experiences helped a lot. Amazing Positive Energy Gratitude "

Armaity Sasani

"Dr. Preeti is synonymous with hope, faith and positivity. Her work is a reflection of her attitude. Best part is, she is very helpful, approachable, her tips are always practical and one always lands up feeling good after listening to her... Keep up the great work doc!"

Khushnoom Talati