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"Hello, I have just completed my advance level course for Ayurveda and I am extremely happy with Dr. Sandeep Madaan. He is an incredibly talented doctor and his passion for the science of life is on going. I highly recommend the course. I will be returning for more training in the coming year."

Sophie Jane Eddis-Webb

"I came to know about Dr Sandeep Madaan when I was searching treatment for psoriasis. I contacted him and took his treatment for around 2 months. I got wonderful results and my Psoriasis as well as other body problems diagnosed in a short period of time. He is so humble and down to earth person. Must recommend for all"

Deepak Saini

"One of the finest ayurvedic doctor with wide experience in diagnosing and treating any kind of illness. I have had in the past visited several ayurvedic doctors but of no result. I recommend Dr. Sandeep Madan. Try once to know better."

Kumar Sivaramakrishnan