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"Personally known to me since 1999, Dr. Santosh has been a wonderful friend and I've had the good fortune of having been treated under him, for ailments which surely needed surgery, according to other doctors and surgeons I had consulted.He has also treated other members of my family, and I would place all my faith in him, and for me that is the first step in any relationship, and definitely one you would want with your doctor, faith and trust."

Dr Sarosh Izedyar

"I was under the treatment of Dr. Santosh R. Joshi for treatment of eczema. My eczema was treated by Dr. Joshi's consultation and medicines. He is a great doctor as he takes lot of efforts during case taking and understands the patient very well. His medicines and diet plan given by Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi helped in curing my eczema. His guidance, right diagnosis and great concern for patients is worth appreciating."

Mr Shrikant

"I can never thank Dr. Santosh Joshi enough for the treatment he has given me. I am his patient since 7 years now and he has been helpful in any and every health issue I have ever faced right from anxiety, depression, stress related health issues to hormonal imbalance. Non of the other medicines have ever worked with me expect the magical medicine that he has given. I truly call it magical as it has always solved all my health issues as if they never existed. Best thing about the entire experience is his approach towards the patient and his dedication towards being a doctor who is willing to help and cure. Doctors like him makes people feel safe and secured in the vicious circle of unethical world of medical professionals. Thanks a lot Dr. Santosh you truly are the best doctor 1 can ever have."

Ms Kotak

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