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"Thank you God for timely help to make a chance to meet doctor Senthil Kumar, I need to thank again to my friend Divya, she suggested me to meet Dr Senthilkumar. I suffered with skin problems for years together, I tried many doctors and hospitals nothing will work for me. I feed up with all treatment methods. When I feel low, my friend only show me a right way to meet Dr Senthilkumar. I went there with no hope, after starting treatment I feel miraculous change in my health, I feel good with his treatment, now am free from skin problems, Long time I avoid to functions because of my skin issues, Now am happily attending all functions with pleasure. Dr Senthilkumar treatment makes my life very happy, Thank you so much Dr Senthilkumar. Vazhga Vallamudan"

Anusha Sen

"Consultation is condusive to mind which is the first step towards any treatment . My wife and I , taking treatment and hardly 3 visits now and both of us are feeling the difference of the healing . I was not new to Homeo but my wife was. She is appreciating homeo now.. It should be accredited whole wide . About all this said, Doctors hand plays very important role in homeo. If not for the doctor the treatment wont be effective at all. Thanks to Dr. Senthil. For sure he is providing hope to homeo and to lot of homes."

Karthiga P

"I suffered with nose allergy problem for many more years, always sneezing and running nose, head pain troubles me a lot, i tried many treatment with super specialty hospital doctors, but no relief/ One of my office friend suggest about Dr.Senthil kumar homeopathy doctor.last 12 months i took treatment from this Dr. now am getting good relief from my health problems, now no head ache, no running nose, no sneezing, no nose block, really i feel very good improvement with Senthil Dr homeo treatment, Thank you doctor."

Shanthakumari Sekaran

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