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"Shilpa is an excellent teacher and knows her subjects thoroughly! I got to learn beautiful life lessons from her course and she is a beautiful being inside out. Always there to guide :) Would highly recommend taking any course that's applicable to you.. Yes she definitely takes you on the journey towards 'I' in all aspects ♥️ Thank you Shilpa"

Archana Udiaver-Nadkarni

"I am really happy to come in contact with you and for this online workshop 21days money making tips. There has been lots of learning which is new andi will need to practice it more .There is lots of difference in me and at home .Thank you very much Dr. Shilpa ma'am for this teachings."

Amarjit Hira

"She is very wise, composed and an excellent healer. I am blessed to know her and get her as my Guru. Lots to learn from her guidance. I pray to God for her success, good health, and prosperity. Such pure souls are needed to guide us from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge."

Moumita Tamhankar

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