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"I am a chartered accountant, and a tutor. I have personally known Dr Vandana Ashar since past 10-12 years. She is truly an Alchemist. In 2009, I had taken crystal therapy from her for my daughter's skin disease which was recurring from 4 years. Few sessions helped her heal completely and it had not recurred since then. In 2011-12, I learnt Internationally Certified Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process class with her. This changed the way i was living my life.. it was more of BEING now. I have also tremendously benefited from Many workshops conducted by her on money, relationships, gratitude, switch words, mantra healing, chakras, star magice, etc. Talking about relationships, it reminds me one of the session where I cleared long hidden painful memories I had at the time of my father's death which i had buried deep within. She helped me free from my past. She is truly the best guide, friend and an angel you can rely on, if you are really choosing to create a huge shift in your life. She is always there to help. "

Reena Solanki

"I have known Dr. Vandana since 19 years. She is an amazing doctor. It's because of her I have been introduced to the world of Access & numerous other therapies, and I have also learned so many of them. These therapies have made a major shift in my life, and my families lives. She is always there for us, as a doctor, counsellor, therapist. Dr Vandana is an angel who has lit my life. "

Rajul Dharmshey

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