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"Dr. Zubeda Tumbi is an extra ordinary nutritionist. She helps you reach achieve your target very quickly and not to forget without any CRASH DIETS. The diet is absolutely achievable. I have lost 10 kgs Post Pregnancy. she has helped me inculcate holistic healthy eating habits.... feeling extremely fit and great... Keep up the good job Doc, You ROCK..!"

Mansi Amit Maniar

"I went to Dr.Zubeda at a time when my body was a mess. Now, after about 3 months I am so happy that my recovery has been fantastic. The usual fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain and injuries have just vanished. My energy level has gone up and stamina increased. Above everything, it's really a pleasing experience to be with the Doctor as she gives a lot of personal attention and time to each patient. The way she motivates you is commendable"

Prasanth narayanan

"Visited Dr. Zubeda for weight loss, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, uricemia and Pre Diabetes With the help of Doctor's diet i lost 6Kgs of weight within a timespan of 3 months, my blood pressure became normal without any medications, also uricemia and thyroid imbalance were corrected. Frequent headaches have become a rare occurence I would like to thank Dr. Zubeda for helping me out in getting my mess together and also recommend her to people looking for dietitian"

Sabira Halai

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