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"I was at my wits end as to how to get my husband the counselling help he needed he was severely depressed and not interested in anything refused to read or watch tv or even go out. Granted that he had suffered serious health issues for a period of 7 years but now that his health had improved he was so pessimistic and depressed I was desperate to get him help. A friend then gave us the contact details for Fatima Zaveri and she was a Godsend. Fatima has been so patient and has helped my husband to such an extent that I can hardly believe this is the same person who was so utterly dejected and kept saying he was waiting only for death. He still has some way to go yet however had it not been for Fatima I really don’t believe he would have climbed out of that slough of despondency. Thanks a lot for everything and look forward to seeing you soon. "


"I thank the Universe for sending me to Fathima. The experience with her was magical. I think my healing started the moment I met her. She makes you aware of all the causes of your blocks and instantly I saw that things that were getting delayed unconditionally just started changing. The shift is magical. I even experienced the healing for my daughter. Amazing work. Total dedication in her work. Love you Fathima. Sonal Kothari I've worked with Fatema for a several years now. At each stage whether in person, on an internet call or remotely through sending energy, I have found relief when I am in deep distress. She is my SOS call and my regular energy healer. Following the work, I've notice big shifts in my professional and personal life. Starting up new projects that have been stagnating for long, deepening of relationships with estranged family, chronic physical symptoms have abated or vanished. I cannot imagine not having her in my life. The work is not cognitive, so for those of you who need a why, how and an explanation, my suggestion is to trust in the results for you. Make note of the before and after scenario and believe what is, the mind does not have all the answers and sometimes logic and reasoning don't bend that far out....... . I recommend my friends, family and clients to Fatema regularly - the results just cement my belief in the work that she does. I believe that our Journeys to Selfhood need a multi-pronged approach. Working energy and psychotherapy together is a potent and effective combination. Usually 2-5 sessions are enough and it is often better than going to a doctor. Take my word for it or not - in which case test it out for yourself :)! Good luck!"


"When I met Fatima I was in a crossroad. I have been to many counsellor's over the years and with everyone it's at least a 15 day process to even get to the problem but with Fatima it's instant solution. You feel a sense of awakening the minute you finish your session. Thoughts and situations look clearer and you feel that you can accomplish much more and are ready for the world. Over the years the demons that you gather through your life slowly tend to vanish and you gain back your life. Fatima makes you dig deep and get to the root of the problem and that too instantly "